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Meeting up with inspiring people

Visiting the women's refuge  Everyone at Rodyna was excited to host a guest from Austria. They don't get visitors every day - and if they do, it's the kind that is one of their clients' ex-partners. They usually don't bring gifts except for already consumed alcohol that keeps them aggressive from inside or the occasional threats to murder them. Sometimes they even bring both - or at least a whole bunch of nasty words. I decided to bring along toys and sweets for the children, some clothes, and, of course, some money was also on the way. One of the contestants of the photo marathon, decided to round up the sum to 500 Euros. And my friend, who had introduced me to the women's refuge ten years ago, asked me to bring another 350 Euros.
After a very warm welcome by Viktoria, who runs the institution, her colleague Maria, and her son Volodya, we sat down to talk a bit so we were all up to date both with our private lives and with the events at Rodyna.
A visit to the …

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